What this is about

I'm not selling or asking you nothing but to sit and enjoy some of the best songs that had help my soul to thrive and heal

Hits - My soul hits

Some songs are popular and some others not that much, but let's say most of them are not mainstream music lol That doesn't matter because for me they are the greatest hits of my life


I wanted to learn English because I needed to know what the lyrics of those touching songs were saying. Those lyrics were always holding a message for me


To find the right and perfect meaning for a song is something really difficult because we are not who has brought those words to life, but I do believe that there are infinite meanings as infinite beings and souls we are. So here are the meanings for me at that specific moment


Sometimes the meanings come up so personal and deep that I really need to channel the feelings and emotions brought up to life while listening to the songs.


Other times it is just a scene from real life that triggers a specific song into my heart. These are those instants captured together with the meaning that the song brings to it


Each and every song have always been signs for me, clear messages in the right moment that helped me to get over hard struggle in my life, to find my true self and to release what was a burden

About me

Something about the name

M_argA_r_I_itA_ comes from a blending of three words. It is an anagram made up with my real name MARIA, then Tara, who is the Indian goddess of the Earth, and Gaia, which is the Greek name given to the same goddess of our planet and great Mother Earth


These are some of the songs that make up the soundtrack of my life, because they become clear messages bringing up the answers I need in every moment

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